Afternoon Delight with Kristen Scott


 After months of being holed up in Los Angeles in the middle of a pandemic, Kristen Scott needs to get out of the city and engage in some much needed self-care. To help reset, she rents a rustic and vibey cabin in the wilderness of Topanga that’s full of crystals, stained-glass windows, and probably a couple spirits.

As she starts to unwind, Kristen takes out her own piece of crystal and uses it to make herself come. Blissed out on the solo play, she climbs a hidden loft in the cabin to take a nap in total seclusion… that is until she encounters Nikki Hearts perched in the seemingly-enchanted space, ready to help Kristen embrace some R&R with the assist of a DykedDown session.

Video Info:

Resolution: 1920x1080
Length: 34:00
Format: MP4

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