There’s a lack of options when it comes to fresh, queer erotica content made by modern queer people for today’s younger generation. 

Yes, there is a whole spectrum of porn, and there is even a medley of new-ish media outlets that explore sexuality and identity in a real-ass way. But there isn’t a resource that offers both erotic content and insight into the lives of queer adult performers. There isn’t a network dedicated to non-hetero sex — both the literal act and the conversation around it.

In 2020, DykedDown will become that resource — a platform that offers adult entertainment, as well as editorial, video, and other creative content with today’s cool LGBTQ+ generation in mind. 

In other words, DykedDown is the ultimate queer erotic media hub for the new decade.

The site offers curated content where queerness is omnipresent, without it being exhaustively explained or even preachy in its goals. The output will speak for itself — authentic, artistic representations of passion among people who are not solely defined by their sexuality or gender. They are just busy being fucking hot. 

Alongside a regular output of premium videos, DykedDown will be regularly sharing other types of content on a weekly basis, including:

  • Editorial articles, including interviews with all DD performers
  • A YouTube channel with SFW content
  • A tier-based membership option via Patreon
  • An active DD Instagram
  • Merchandise, including limited-edition photo prints
  • Monthly music playlists and culture guides 

DykedDown is the definitive LGBTQ+ adult community and content platform that’s 100% DIY. It will seek to connect other independent performers, showcase like-minded individuals, and promote authentic queer erotica — all in one location. For them, by them, if you will… 

“I want DD to be relatable but nuanced, beautiful and hot, honest and raw.”

-Nikki Hearts

DykedDown | The ultimate queer erotica video hub