Dyked Down launched on New Years of ‘18/19 as a porn site, featuring “hardcore strapon videos”.

The intentions of DD creator, Nikki Hearts, was not only to fill the void of a high end strap-on video site, but to create a lifestyle brand, for so many people who are misrepresented. The endeavour a year later has proven to be far more wild of a process than ever imagined.

“I started by doing the graphic design for the site in the summer of 2018, I started sculpting the look I was imagining for this project. Simultaneously I started coming up with ideas for shoots, cast, crew, etc.”, Says Hearts about the beginning stages of Dyked Down. “I really focused a lot of my energy on who I could cast and rely on to invoke the sexual energy and tone that I was wanting to portray. I feel like, in all my years of shooting porn for other people, I rarely was able to capture the type of natural intimacy between two people that I think really makes the sex what it is for me off camera. I knew that a small crew of the right people would be key, but also to set a tone on set that is really caring and specific to each person’s needs.”

Having such high standards and expectations for everything involved really made things challenging to get a running start. Producing the six scenes that came out this past year was really incredible. I was able to find my footing while trying to direct and perform at the same time, see who was and wasn’t working out on the crew, worked out lots of technical quirks. I was really fortunate to have the cast turn out as epic as it did, some of the most beautiful women showed up and made it what it is.

Although it was a super positive experience, it was really draining. I’m responsible for just about every part of production for right now, so Getting ‘Dyked’ up during such a challenging year of my personal life was a rocky road to say the least. It really made it that much more rewarding, though.

As soon as the site launched it became apparent that DykedDown was well overdue for fans. One of Nikki’s biggest goals with the site was to make the target audience as inclusive as possible.

“I want to make something that everyone can enjoy. I want people who are watching this to feel like they’re seeing something rare and vulnerable between the performers. I want them to be able to see a real sense of desire that is missing from most porn. I keep the plot simple, I try to keep it ‘real’, and show scenarios that people can connect to,” explains Hearts.

By paying such close attention to what was being captured in the scenes, the audience has turned out just as Nikki hoped and expected. There are plenty of men out there buying in, but the customers tend to be about 65% women; a staggering amount compared to most porn sites.

“Like I said, I want everyone to enjoy, but I’m honored that so many women are able to connect with these scenes, straight people have plenty, you know? Watching porn makes you feel vulnerable, so it makes perfect sense to me that women and queer people in general would feel comfortable and enjoy watching this. I think falling back on the values that were instilled in me through working in the Queer Porn genre is a huge part of what makes it all work.”

Dyked Down was up on the web with regular installments of fresh content for about six weeks, when much of the internal infrastructure of the company subdued major changes. All things considered, everything pointed towards a break from the exhausting rigors of the porn industry for Nikki, so that’s what she did.

“I’ve been at it in porn for 8 years, which is completely insane. I’ve taken breaks in the past, and by now I just know when it’s time for a break. So I decided to spend some time working in weed. A little over 6 months, not worrying about porn is exactly what it took. I learned a ton about the cannabis industry in the meantime. But I came back at this with a fresh palette of inspiration. I have every intention to make the video content better than ever, but I’m also ready to dive into creating non-sex content. I always intended for this to become a lifestyle brand, so I’m getting after it. We are launching the DykedDown Blog along with all new scenes this fall. I intend to keep things moving this time, I had a long rest now I’m good to go.”

DykedDown brings you all new scenes starting Oct 7th, 2019.


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