About Dyked Down

Welcome to Dyked Down, the premier destination for strap-on sex scenes.

Created by the multi-talented adult industry veteran Nikki Hearts in the summer of 2018, the platform offers exclusive videos, high-end content, and merchandise.

With monthly video updates of both girl-on-girl and girl-on-guy strap-on scenes, Dyked Down is your one-stop shop for premium porn involving the hottest lesbian sex since the advent of the vibrator. And it’s all curated and directed by the visionary mind of Nikki Hearts.

Hearts explains how Dyked Down came to fruition:

“When the opportunity arose for me to launch a website via New Savages Network, I didn’t want to just make a performer showcase site. I wanted a niche, one that I understand as a director, and one that’s guaranteed to turn views on in exactly the right way.

One of my main goals since day one in porn has been to represent my true self on camera. I’ve always loved creating fantasies in my mind, casting, and making my ideas come to life on screen — whether I’m in front of the camera or behind it. After years of experimenting with what I enjoy the most, in the studio and in my own bedroom, it turns out that strap on sex is my thing.

One night, the name Dyked Down popped into my head. Instantly, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and it became clear what type of porn platform I should create. I ran with it, and here we are.

When I was a young dyke, all I really wanted was to bang hot chicks. At the same time, I was always searching for porn that made me feel like that was even possible for someone like me! So I made this site to inspire everyone watching to aim for the fences.

The biggest challenge in launching Dyked Down has been re-gaining my stamina as a performer. I spent the first half of the year working in production, so jumping into this made me realize I am not getting any younger! I’ll be busting my ass in the gym and on set in 2019 and beyond.

This year, the site will feature brand-new male pegging scenes, some sweet-ass merch, and, of course, more hot babes than ever. Expect the stories to build, the production to strengthen, the cast to diversify, and Nikki’s dick game to get way better.”

– Nikki Hearts

DykedDown launched on New Year’s Eve, 2018, with four brand new and exclusive scenes. Each portrayed a short story involving strong sexual chemistry between Nikki and her co-stars.

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